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Giới thiệu Dây Cáp Tai Nghe Bán Trong Với Mic

DIY Earphone cable TPE black semi-finished product Oxygen Free Copper Wire headset line With Mic

Brand: Koceta
Core material: bare copper wire
Material: oxygen free copper
Microphone: Yes
The wire is the main line with a diameter of about 2.5mm
The SR at the junction is about 1.8mm
About 1.2m in length (80cm for main line and 40cm for branch line)
Material: TPE, core 14 * 0.06 oxygen free copper wire + 500D tensile nylon wire + shielding core, to minimize the auscultation effect, the wire will not harden in winter.
Process: the inner core wire is twisted with each other, and the double strand wire is twisted with each other again, so the tensile property is greatly improved.
The quality and feel are quite good! The high elastic plastic wire has excellent toughness and elasticity. The earphone wire has been soldered.
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