Tai nghe nhét tai không dây TWS-i12 Bluetooth 5.0 chất lượng Hifi

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Giới thiệu Tai nghe nhét tai không dây TWS-i12 Bluetooth 5.0 chất lượng Hifi

[Auto Pairing]
Out of the charging box, the right and left earphone will auto pairing and connected, no need of manual pairing, more convenient.
[Binaural call]
Left and right earphones can be used separately;
[Elegant design]
The appearance adopts the design of the little demon, and it feels different when listening to music;
[5.0 bluetooth connection]
Proud bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology picks up the connection in an instant, the signal is stable, and the sound quality is more prominent;
[Ultra-long battery life]
Adopts fast charging technology, only needs to charge for 70mins, and listen freely for 3 hours;
[HIFI High Quality Sound]
Jazz Rock Let the music pamper your ears;
[IPX7 waterproof]
Effectively prevents sweat and rain from splashing in all directions, so you can feel at ease to challenge yourself;
[HI Siri]
Wake up the phone voice assistant at any time, use sound to control your music, navigation, and even improvisation;
[Intelligent power saving]
Out of the box automatic switch machine, binaural automatic TWS interconnection, automatic bluetooth pairing, automatic disconnection after the bluetooth is turned off automatically

Product Features
1. Briefly play (pause) music/answer the call;
2. Double (right) headphones double short press to reduce (increase) the volume;
3. The left (right) earphone briefly touches the next (last) music;
4. Easily wake up Siri
5. Cancel the open situation and close it to the closed situation;
Product parameters
1. Product weight: 4-5g (single earphone).
2. Working time: 2-3 hours(for music playing), 4hours(for talking)
3. Standby time: 100/h for one ear and 60/h for both ears.
4. Charging time: 70mins.
5. Single earphone battery capacity: 35mAh.
6.Charger Box Battery: 300mAh.
7. Wireless distance: 10m.
8. Compatible mobile phones: Relaxtoo headphones are compatible with Android, IOS, Microsoft, etc., 100% of mobile phones with Bluetooth.

Products included
1 *One pair of Bluetooth headsets
1 * charging box
1 * charging cable
1 * User Manual
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